Web Design

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the importance of effective and attractive web design has never been greater.

With websites now key marketing tools acting as your business's digital shop front, whether you are a small SME or large Blue Chip company, it is crucial that you prioritise your website's design. This is because web design has a far-reaching impact and can heavily contribute towards increasing your conversion rates and customer retention levels, therefore increasing your overall return on investment.

What is web design and why does it matter?

Good web design will look nice and serve a specific purpose, whereas great web design will appeal to each of your target audiences, cater to their needs, offer a seamless user experience, whilst all the while driving those much-coveted conversions. It will be attention-grabbing, engaging and most importantly useful. It will be a hub of unique and informative content that will guide customers to take a specific action or visit your contact page.

The key to great web design is a clear understanding of your client’s consciousness; if you were in their position, looking for what you offer, what would be the most important information? Which pages would you like to visit? And, most importantly, how best would you like to engage with the content? Just as your business will have its own special mission statement, objectives and overarching business goals, your website should reflect these in its design whilst at the same time being carefully tailored to your individual customers' needs.

Clearly, web design is crucial - today it serves more than just a purpose and is often the first branded touchpoint that your customers will experience of your business. And as they say, first impressions really do count. Thus, it is critical that your website’s design wholly emulates and reflects who you are as a team, a company and a driving business force.

Web design for you

Whether you are looking for a simply static landing page, a functioning e-commerce shop or a more complex marketing hub that can be easily managed and has the power to really shake an industry, our experience and knowledge in web design could help set you apart from your competitors.

Here at Prototype Creative, we are experienced web design professionals with a proven track record of working with everyone from start-up companies to multinational blue chip enterprises. We offer the following services, each of which can be completely adapted to suit you and your market share:

  • Help for start-up businesses
  • Brand appraisals/Corporate identity consultancy
  • Branding strategies
  • Creative concepts
  • Logo design/Corporate identity design
  • Design experience
  • Rebrands
  • Corporate guidelines
  • Organisational branding assets

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